Story of My 20s

The level of education has no relevance to personal values. It’s a troubling realization. I thought the goal of education is to make one less ignorant person in the world but the reality is, it’s about social and economic status. How you compose an essay favoring the ideas of the institution determines the fate of your success. So what do you really gain from education? I guess i’m just being bitter about a “devil woman”.



Dairy Diary

Dear Diary,

I wish my life was like a Bollywood film. My emotions will be dressed with a bindi, henna, sari and bangles while randomly singing and dancing.It is colorful- enriched with a variety of earthly spices which give it its distinct flavor. Devdas is one of my favorite Bollywood films that I have watched many times and it is always breathtaking. I prefer this kind of film where emotions are intricately crafted into elegant and graceful body rhythms. Everything is made to perfection: the finely tuned larynx, tantalizing eyes and eloquent hand gestures.

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Power to the People

I know I can never know the pain

The past is history but right now let it rain

As I have said we are one big chain

This world feeds not just with one rice grain

Though we think we can survive by eating our own lies

Every turn of the century it remains hard to rise

Grand-daddy wise up your grandson

Save him before his future gets gone

The recession widened discrimination

But that’s just my interpretation.

This generation follows a deep ass hole

If religions can’t even set the right roles

Wise up and swallow your pride

Think of your seeds that will multiply

But can’t because of the great divide

The heartache of the old folks

I’m not saying they play hoax

But leave it to the graveyard

So we can all finally move forward.

Wave up the humankind flag

I am not Asian and I am not planning on an invasion

I am Filipino, I am Bombayite,

I am Ghanaian and Ecuadorian. 

My ancestors and yours were great mashes

Can we not just accept the “I’s” to get to “We”

And give us all a chance to really see.

Summer Palpitation


According to Google results, death from suicide is at its highest between late Spring and Summer. Personally, I find that there is far too much noise and movement during these months. Winter on the other hand, where common misconception about highest suicide rate occur, time is either slowed down or silenced. The mind sailing adrift in the white space and drifting off into sleep by Winter’s lullaby. We find the sound of peace in the silence where there is a consistent rhythm. Summer, however, is like a discordant rhythm.

DISCLAIMER: This is just my personal interpretation of Romeo and Juliet.

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, impulsiveness and irrationality corresponds with the weather. The entirety of the play takes place in the summer, reaching climax in Act 3 Scene 1, where the “hot day” ended two lives and banished Romeo. There are a total of six deaths by the end of the play. The characters ended their lives, directly and indirectly, without any forethought. The hopelessly romantics took it upon themselves to take their own lives. Romeo drank the poison and Juliet stabbed herself. Yes, this was supposedly romantic. The rest of the dearly departed characters either died from anger or grief.

Pain and Suffering

To whom it may concern,

It gives me great pain and suffering to lose you. Pain affects the physical aspect of our well-being and, on the contrary, suffering is an emotional experience. In short, they say suffering is optional but pain is not. This reminds me of a paradox, “an unstoppable force meets an immovable force”. A physical wound can be identified, assessed and treated easily. But how can you manage something that you cannot touch yet alone see? Misdiagnosis is a disturbingly common practice in mental health.

My entire body hurts from inside and out.

Sometimes, it feels like I am healed but only to follow up by sickening smack of pain. The wound can become momentarily numb, but it never goes away. It never completely heals. When you try to run as fast and far from it, it is alongside you. It is there from the start to the finish line. Like your own shadow, it walks with you. It never rests, it taunts you even as you sleep. If only the object of my pain was as determined and loyal.

How do you grieve for someone who is not dead? It is very much living and alive. It is not dead whereas, figuratively, I am. I am simultaneously dying and dead.

Pain and suffering is to dying and ending it is to be dead.